Online Registration Help

Online registration for the CBYC Sailing School is hosted by Checklick, which provides  online registration and payment services, along with a student tracking and certification platform for Sail Canada.

If you are unfamiliar with the Checklick storefront, or are unsure about the online-registration process, please review this page, which outlines the sequence of registration and information that will be requested, before proceeding to Checklick.

CBYC Storefront

The CBYC Storefront on Checklick will show a listing of the sessions available for registration in each of our programs. Selecting “add to order” for the session you wish to enroll in starts the registration process.

Checklick Profile

As the first step in registering,  you will be required to set-up or log into an existing Checklick profile for the student being registered.  Every student requires a Checklick profile, even those registered manually, as all Sail Canada student evaluations, progress reporting, and awarding of certifications must be done in the Checklick system.

Mandatory personal information is required to set up a new profile, and includes the student’s name, birth date, mailing address, as well as phone and email contacts. Remember, the profile is for the student being registered, so  please enter the name and birth date of the student – NOT the person (eg parent) doing the registration.

To complete the profile, you will be required to accept the following terms and conditions:

I agree that core contact information provided here will be shared with Ontario Sailing and Sail Canada and Canadian or Ontario government agencies that require statistical information for funding purposes. CBYC Sailing School, Ontario Sailing, or Sail Canada will not sell, lease, rent, or use this contact information for any commercial purpose, other than Ontario Sailing may send (on behalf of a potential sponsor) promotional information.

I acknowledge that an emergency medical information & waiver form must be completed for every student and received by the CBYC Sailing School before class commences.  [Medical information and waiver forms are available here].

I accept the CBYC Sailing School Refund Policy: Refunds will only be made in exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of the Sailing School Director.

These are mandatory conditions of enrolling in a learn-to-sail program, whether registering online or manually.

You must check the box and enter your name where it says signature. For a youth registration, this should be the parent or guardian’s name.

Completing Enrollment

Once the student profile is completed, you will complete the enrollment for the selected session. There are several options and questions associated with each enrollment:

If you are entitled to any discounts (e.g. early registration or CBYC full member) please select those which are appropriate; These must be selected for each course.

You will also be asked several questions:

  • photo consent (optional). This will allow the school to publish images of the school in action that may show you or your child. (Note: We will NOT identify anyone by name without their explicit permission).
  • provide CBYC membership number (optional, but required to confirm member discount).
  • Any other information (optional). This is where you can indicate any other information, ask a question, or provide a rebate code.

Multiple Enrollment

You can complete more than one registration for the same student, or register several immediate family members (eg spouses, minor siblings) as part of the same order. Simply select another session before proceeding to checkout to recommence the process.

Multiple registration (multi-session or multi-sibling) discounts will be applied automatically.

Reviewing Your Order

Once you have completed enrollment for a session, there will be a light blue banner with the student’s name in that session on the storefront. To edit any of the enrollment questions, click on the banner to expand. If you decide you want to cancel a session before completing your transaction, you can click on  “remove” at the right hand edge of the banner. Before proceeding to checkout, please review your order to ensure that you have registered for the correct course(s) (e.g. Youth day camp vs. Adult Evening classes, or vice versa) and desired dates, and have selected all applicable discounts for each course.


The final step is checkout. Once you are happy with the sessions chosen, you can check your order total, including any discounts, in the bottom left corner of the page. Click on “Pay Now” to proceed to the checkout. Payment is by credit card only.

If you have any other questions, please contact the Sailing School Administrator or Director before completing your registration.