Sailing School Terms of Service


All staff, volunteers and students – or their parents in the case of minors – must agree to these terms of service in order to participate in any activities at Collins Bay Yacht Club (CBYC) Sailing School:

  • I agree that core information provided to CBYC Sailing School will be shared with Ontario Sailing and Sail Canada and Canadian or Ontario government agencies that require statistical information for funding purposes. CBYC Sailing School, Ontario Sailing, or Sail Canada will not sell, lease, rent, or use this contact information for any commercial purpose, other than Ontario Sailing may send (on behalf of a potential sponsor) promotional information.
  • I acknowledge that an emergency medical information & waiver form must be completed for every individual and received by the CBYC Sailing School before they can participate in any course or other sailing school activity.
  • I accept the CBYC Sailing School Refund Policy: Refunds will only be made in exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of the Sailing School Director.
  • I also agree to the terms of service of, which provides the web platform used by Sail Canada and by CBYC Sailing School for sailor evaluation and certification, as well as online registration and payment. The Checklick Terms of Service are available at, and have also been replicated on the CBYC website at Checklick TOS for your information.