Safe Sport

Safe Sport is an all-encompassing term representing a commitment to providing everyone involved in sport with a safe and positive experience.

All federally sanctioned sports governing organizations are required to develop a Safe Sport policy for use by its members. In Canada, Sail Canada is our national sailing organization under which Ontario Sailing is a participating organization. It specifically is aimed at preventing and addressing maltreatment in sports, ensuring that all sports environments are free from abuse and harassment. All of Ontario Sailing’s Member Organizations play a role in ensuring sailing follows this commitment. Sail Canada’s work to develop Safe Sport policy has evolved in the last year to reflect both the changes with government requirements, reflect best practices and provide the structure required to ensure Safe Sports practices and tools are embodied across the sport at all levels and locations. Sail Canada, with the Provincial Sailing Associations (PSAs), has created a Safe Sport Policy Package that will be harmonized across all levels of sailing.

In keeping with this harmonization, Collins Bay Yacht Club Executive adopted these policies, on behalf of the membership, on 15 February 2023 and will spend the next few months, making the policies available to members to read; implementing the procedures for the screening policy for all leaders, staff and volunteers; reviewing current policies, archiving and aligning them with this new package, to include a review of the protection policy for our programs and activities and ensuring that there are no gaps.

The policy package consists of the Code of Conduct, Protection, Screening, Social Media, and Whistle
Blower policies to ensure a safe environment while others, like the Discipline and Complaints, Appeals
and Dispute Policies, address the processes to be followed should a complaint come forward. Policies
are available for all to read. Please read and familiarize yourself with the policies.

When you renew your CBYC membership for the 2023 season, you will be asked to confirm as having
read the Code of Conduct policy and agree, along with the members under your membership, to adhere to this code. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

CBYC Safe Sport (English)

Sail Canada Safe Sport (French)

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Shelley Nickerson
Vice Commodore and Safe Sport Lead