Women’s Sailing Program



What is this program?

Let’s start with what it isn’t. This program does not replace a certified learn-to-sail program, but rather complements formal training. It is about women sharing information/experiences with other women, on a volunteer basis, and about practicing sailing skills together — all in a positive, encouraging, and respectful  learning environment.


Who is this program for?

This program has been designed with the new-to-sailing woman in mind to help her become a proficient sailor by increasing her knowledge of sailing and by increasing her confidence in her boat handling skills through practice clinics. If you already have experience but want to learn more, you are welcome to join too. Seasoned women sailors are key for the program’s success, so you are invited to participate by sharing your knowledge/experiences and by serving as coaches.


Requirements to join

  • Must already have some sailing experience or have taken a certified learn-to-sail course
  • Must be a full or an associate member of the Collins Bay Yacht Club



There is no cost to you to join this program. It is one of the benefits of being a member of the Collins Bay Yacht Club.


Learning opportunities

The program provides many opportunities to learn more about sailing: on water and at dock practices, information sessions, dinghy sailing, etc.


Social activities

To get to know each other better and to add to the fun, social activities are built into the program. 


On-water practice clinics

The club’s Tanzer 22, the Goddess of Marseille, will be used for on-water practice clinics. Members can also offer to hold clinics on their own sailboats.


On-water practice clinics will be offered every second Tuesday evening in July and August, starting with the first Tuesday of July (weather permitting). Some clinics may be a combination of in-class information followed by an on-water practice.


Women learning from women

Advancing sailing for women is a common goal that both CBYC and KYC share.  To benefit from our respective resources, knowledge, experiences and skills, CBYC and KYC will collaborate to offer some shared activities (e.g. social, learning, on-water outings, etc.).


What will you need?

Depending on the duration of the on-water clinic, as well as weather conditions, you will need a PFD (always!), sunscreen, water, snacks and weather-appropriate clothing.





Ready to join?