Use of the CBYC BBQs

BBQs are for the use of CBYC members, guests accompanying them, and members of those clubs with which the CBYC enjoys reciprocal relations.

The Executive trusts you will exercise all safety precautions, begin cooking on a grill that is clean, and that you will dispose of any packaging in the black plastic garbage bag, in the nearby can. When you are finished, we expect you to clear the grill of any food, putting unwanted pieces into the garbage.

Above all, please clean the BBQ before you leave, and make sure that gas connections are closed.

There are four 20lb bottles of gas, marked CBYC and numbered 1 – 4. Once a tank is connected, please exhaust the fuel in it before selecting a full bottle. There should be no partially filled bottles on the floor.

When turning on the gas, first open the tank valve, then the BBQ valve. Reverse the process when shutting down: close the BBQ valve, then the tank valve.