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Seasonal Dockage

2021 Rate Schedule

Summer Dockage Season (May 15-Oct 14)

A & B Docks (36′, 38′ & 41′ Slips) $64.00/ft

C & D Docks (30′ Slips) $61.00/ft

E & F Docks (26′ Slips) $56.00/ft

G & H Docks (22′ & 18′ Slips) $51.00/ft

End Slips $65.00/ft

Summer Dry Storage $42.00/ft

Winter Storage $28.00/ft

Cradle or Trailer Storage $4.00/ft

Mast Stepping/Destepping

Single $4.00/ft

Double $8.00/ft


20-29′ $12.00/ft

30-39′ $12.00/ft

40′ and up $12.00/ft

Boat Blocking $4.00/ft

Electrical Service

15 Amp Circuit $260.00

30 Amp Circuit $400.00

Pumpout Service

Season Pass (one tank) $140.00

Season Pass (two tanks) $200.00

One Tank $20.00

Two Tanks $28.00

Winter Storage

Our storage yard is full every winter. Our policy is to give preference to our summer dockers and then serve as many additional customers as we can accommodate. We do keep a waiting list and there are always a few changes year to year. You are welcome to call for current status.


All fees are subject to the 13% HST.