Spring Launch

We begin launching boats that are accessible by the crane as soon as the weather permits-usually mid to late April.  We launch on the coloured weekdays throughout the spring and on Saturday May 4th and 11th.  Please call for an appointment or send us your preference on the attached form.

Late launches can be accommodated but may require moving a boat from its winter storage location to a location in the  yard that does not interfere with other launches, parking or storage requirements.  If a boat move is required, charges will be billed as the equivalent of a launch.  Please help prevent such a move by advising us prior to haulout and we can store your boat in a late launch location.

The start of a new boating season is always fun.  Come early, be prepared and enjoy the day.  It is a good time to renew old friendships and make new ones.

Mast Stepping

Mast stepping can be done by appointment on alternate launch days.  Mast stepping may not be available on Saturday May 4th and 11th as priority is given to launching.  Appointments must be confirmed with Gerry on the day of mast stepping to secure a place in line.  In order to help us reduce waiting times for other customers following you, please be prepared by doing the following:

  • Ensure that your rigging is all in order and lubricated if necessary (white Teflon grease is the best) before heading to the mast crane.
  • Prevent birds from nesting inside your mast by plugging openings early in the spring, remove nests if necessary.
  • Once we have stepped and secured your mast, please return to your dock to finish tuning the rigging and install your boom and sails.

Cradle and Trailer Storage

Clearly mark our name and/or boat name on your cradle or trailer.  Lable the bow end as such.  Take cradle pads home for safekeeping and dry storage during the summer.  Do not attach ladders, frames or other equipment to cradles as they are easily damaged in handling.  A rack is provided in the east yard for ladder storage.  Mark  your name on your ladder.  If you do not wish us to store your cradle or trailer, advise us before launching.  Please remove the cradle/trailer within 5 days after launch (before we put it in storage).


Seasonal boaters who have received our confirmation may schedule their launch by email or by using the following form:


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