Docking Assistance

Docking a boat is often an adventure in itself. Each time is a bit different and on occasion, a major challenge, even for the experienced boater. We monitor VHF channel 68 and ask that boaters call ahead for assistance if they are the least bit concerned about the conditions. We often find that the friendly folks on your docks are also there to lend a hand. Indeed, when a boat is having difficulty, it is not uncommon to see a dozen or more able hands materialize out of nowhere to insure a safe arrival.

Dock Watch

Many boats spend much of their time patiently waiting for their owners to arrive. They are not, however, alone. We provide daily dock watch, keeping an eye on all the boats and calling owners if there is something that needs attention – from damp dinghies to fraying lines to sinking boats! We can also provide special attention when you leave your boat unattended for extended periods of time.