Haul Out

Once again the yard will be full this winter and we have a waiting list of boaters who wish to store their boats with us.  If you do not need winter storage this year, please let the office know so that we can accommodate them.  If you intend to store at the Marina, you need to reserve your space before August 31, 2023.  After that date, we will open any unconfirmed space to the wait list.

Haul Out Schedule:  Scheduled craning days for haul out are highlighted on the calendar.

Note:  Boats 27 feet and shorter must be hauled out by Friday October 6 at the latest.  We cannot guarantee winter storage after that date.  Regardless of boat length, if you are done boating for the season, please haul out as soon as possible.

All boats west of the laneway and the two rows of boats closest to the water east of the laneway must launch before May 15.  After this date, boats on land in these areas will be relocated in the yard at the owner’s expense.  If you need to stay on the hard beyond May 15, let us know before haul out so we can place the boat in an appropriate location so as to avoid a relocation expense.

Please have your mast removed and holding tank pump out prior to your haul out day.  The best time to pump out is on weekends between 9am and 5pm as we have more staff working on the weekends.

Remember your cradle pads and check that they are in good condition!

Mast Destepping


Masts are destepped on days when we are not hauling boats.  See Gerry at the mast crane to confirm your time/spot.


In order to reduce waiting time for others behind your please be prepared before bringing your boat to the  mast crane.  Remove sails, boom, lower shrouds and all turnbuckle locking cotter pins (the pins/rings that are inside of the turnbuckle barrel) – leave upper stays secured.  As soon as the mast is on the rack, remove spreaders and bundle stays to mast to make room for others.   Seal the open end of your mast during storage to prevent rodents or birds from nesting inside your mast, (they can cause a lot of damage!)  Please label the mast with the boat name.

Pressure Washing:

As in the past years we will be offering  pressure washing.  We will assume you do not wish this service unless you specifically request it.

If you are doing your own pressure washing, make sure that spray does not carry dirt or bottom paint onto the other boats. Spray down rather than up and be aware of wind effects.  Please-no washing while we are still hauling boats in the vicinity.  Remember that our dock water is purified and softened well water-please conserve it by using a nozzle with an automatic shutoff valve.  Thank you!

Following are some helpful hints reprinted from our Information Handbook:

Mast Storage

  • When wrapping masts or tarps, do not use duct tape and plastic wrap as they don’t stand up to weather and shred away within weeks.  Use nylon rope and tarps instead.  Do not use bungee cords (they are a safety hazard!)  When you tie your stays to the mast, cinch stays together into a bundle first, and then tie the bundle to the mast.
  • Roller furlings protruding past the end of the mast should be supported by using a wood 2×4 as a splint.  Place the 2×4 inside the mast or lash it to the side of the mast.  Lash the foil to the 2×4.
  • Plug ends of masts to prevent rodents and birds from nesting inside (they can cause a lot of damage!)

Covering Boats

  • Do not use polyethylene (yellow) rope for tarpaulin tie downs.  Poly line will not hold a knot and works loose in the wind.  Use nylon rope instead.
  • Tarp grommets are common failure points.  Do not rely solely on grommets, tie lines over top of tarp as well.
  • Protect tarps from sharp corners-this is where failures begin in strong winds.
  • If you use bottles full of water to tension down tarps, don’t hang them from the edge of the tarp as this will allow wind to lift up the tarp and the frozen bottles of water to flail against the hull.  Tie a cord from one side under the hull to the other side and hang bottles from the middle instead.  Do not use bottles contaminated with waste oil.
  • The best solution is a custom made, framed and fitted canvas cover.
  • Never tie tarps to tripods as they can pull tripods out from under the boat in a storm!

Cradles & Trailers

  • Maintain cradle pads before haulout:  Grease adjustable threads with white lithium grease; snug up pad hinge bolts to prevent pad from flopping over; resurface or replace worn pads.
  • Store cradle pads at home during the summer to protect them from loss or weathering.


  • Plug any entry holes into cabin, lockers or exhaust to prevent rodents or birds from nesting.
  • Lock up ladders to the ladder rack so as not to attract unwanted visitors to your boat.
  • Schedule pump outs and mast destepping on days prior to haul out to avoid lines and waiting.
  • Take your outboard motor home as soon as you are on the hard-they make tempting targets.
  • Do not forget to take lines left on your dock.

Cradle and Trailer Storage

  • Clearly mark your name and/or boat name on your cradle or trailer.  Lable the  bow end as such.  Take cradle pads home for safekeeping during the summer.  Do not attach ladders, frames or other equipment to cradles as they are easily damaged in handling.  A rack is provided in the east yard for your  ladder.
  • If you don’t to wish to store your cradle or trailer, advise us before launching.  Please remove the cradle/trailer within 5 days after launch. (before we put it in storage)


Seasonal boaters who have received our confirmation may schedule their haul out by email or by using the following form:


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