Safe Harbour

Naturally Protected
Text Box: “After a season of pushing east under most conditions Collins Bay came up as the hands down winner for a Kingston stop. When the weather builds up in the gap making east west passage difficult, the topography favours Collins Bay where the prevailing winds fail to get a bite.”  			- Cruising Guide Canada

The marina is nestled in a peaceful natural setting at the head of Collins Bay. This completely sheltered harbour is protected from the open waters of the lake by both Amherst Island and the graceful curve of the bay.

The location is kind to new boaters and allows boating in the bay when the open waters of the lake are a challenge. Cruisers often extend their stays with us to wait out heavy weather in comfort.

Calm Waters No Swells

Sleeping on board is supposed to be a restful experience aided by the gentle  rocking of your boat. It is not supposed to be an epic struggle with nature. Wave action in this weather resistant marina is virtually nonexistent with calm waters even in heavy blows. When the winds clock around to the east, there is not enough fetch to allow wave action to build.

Navigationbig chart

Collins Bay Marina is located 8 miles west of downtown Kingston. The mouth of the bay (N 44° 13.10′ W 76° 37.40′) is ½ mile north of the Brother Islands. A distinctive landmark is the white, teardrop shaped Amherstview water tower located immediately west of the mouth of Collins Bay.

Once inside the bay, stay clear of the shallows on the right shore. The first of three pairs of channel marks can be seen midway down the bay near the left shore, keep red right, green left. The marks are reflective for nighttime viewing. The channel leads to Collins Bay Marina on the right side of the bay. The channel has been dredged to a depth of 12 feet and most slips can easily accommodate an eight foot draft.

Canadian Hydrographic Charts 2064 or 2017 are recommended for local navigation.

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Harbour Chart (Click chart for detailed view.)

Harbour Chart