Customer Satisfaction

Professional, Knowledgeable Service

Collins Bay Marina takes pride in providing professional, knowledgeable service. Understanding the characteristics of boats, the needs of boaters and paying careful attention to the details are qualities that set us apart in the industry.

Customer Comments and Suggestions

But it is customer feedback that tells us how well we are meeting boater’s needs and provides guidance as to how we can improve the marina and our service. We are most interested in receiving your comments and suggestions in person, by email or through our electronic Suggestion Box below.

Comments or questions are welcome.

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Word of Mouth Communications

The boating community is a small, discerning and quick to help others with both assistance and information. Wherever you keep your boat, ask your dock mates if they know of Collins Bay Marina and what they have heard about us. With our many customers over the years and the hundreds of visitors that come each season, you may well find that first hand experience is closer than you think.

The only thing better than hearing about us from another boater is to come and have a look for yourself. You are invited to visit the docks and spend time talking with our customers.  They will be pleased to let you know of their experiences and share their opinions of their home port.

Following are a few comments from our seasonal customers and overnight visitors. If you would like to add your observations, please send us a note.

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