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Unfortunately, we are still faced with the Coronavirus and global pandemic and as most people’s intentions are to launch this year, we are outlining the procedures for the upcoming season which will enable us to all stay safe.  We will continue to work hard to keep everyone safe as well as be free to enjoy time on the water!


We will adjust accordingly as changes occur and provincial guidelines are updated.        


  1. Face masks are required everywhere at the marina: on the docks, in the yard preparing your boat for launch, at the fuel dock, at the office, and at the washrooms.  Social distancing will be difficult due to the number of boats going into the water.  Please be respectful of your fellow boaters and marina staff and adhere to provincial guidelines.


  1. Social distancing is extremely important and although masks are necessary, please remember to stay 2m or 6’ apart whenever possible.


  1. We will be launching and mast stepping just like last year, on the same day, with a 5 day quarantine period. Once you have prepared your boat for launch, please stay off the boat or we will have to reschedule your date which might take a date away from someone else. If you are in the first two rows closest to the water, please be prepared to launch before May 15th as we will need to open up room for parking.  If you have any questions, please call the marina office.


  1. Sanitizing stations are available and we ask you to sanitize before using the washroom, fueling up/pumping out, visiting the office as well as following the requirement to wear a mask.


While Covid remains a part of everyone’s lives, we want to call to mind that the 2021 boating season is once again focused on being on the water safely.  We are looking forward to the time when our community can come together and enjoy all that boating offers with each other.  We will remember your support and patience long after the pandemic is over. We sincerely thank you for your support and understanding through these difficult times.

We genuinely wish you great memories on the water this summer!



Gerry, Lori, family and crew