2019 CBYC Curling Party

You will all be delighted to know that Royal Kingston Curling Club asked US before we asked them for ice time this season! It seems we are firmly embedded in their plans for the coming year as it will be our sixth year promoting this event!

All members and friends of members are invited to attend this great athletic event, well, sorta athletic kinda. You don’t have to be a curler to participate as all you have to be able to do is stand up on the ice without falling on your keister! Last year’s commodore was able to do it and if he can…………

All you need is rubber soled shoes (clean soles) and a sweater/jacket for warmth and $15 for an evening of fun and frolic with your fellow sailors. For those of us who have creaky knees and joints there are sticks at the club to allow you to deliver a rock without having to kneel down or bend over.

There are also some spouses who prefer to watch their “other half” out there on the ice and wish to avail themselves of the delights of the bar and you too can be easily accommodated.

The evening begins at the curling club at 7:00PM (1900 hours in sailor talk) on February 9th and for two glorious hours you will be enthralled with this wonderful sport. After the game we will proceed to the lounge for snacks and of course sample the bar with Navy Rum and other essentials.

We have several sailor members who have curling experience and can help with instruction for anyone who would like to try this great sport.

Please let me know prior to the 9th if you will attend and let me know if you need instruction so I can balance and organise the teams.

Royal Kingston Curling Club is at 130 Days Road just north of Front.

Lionel Redford