I own a boat and want to start racing

Excellent! Just follow the flow of this site and we’ll get you on track.

1) You must be a member of CBYC (not just the marina). For membership details, visit the Membership Information page.

2) Review the Racing Schedule to determine how often you’d like to race, or what type of racing suits you.

3) You may choose to review the Past Results of previous races to get a better idea of the other CBYC members you’ll see on the water.

4) Review the Sailing Intructions.

5) Contact the Race Chair to register.

6) Need crew? Visit the Crew Bank to contact eager deckhands.

7) Read through our Racing Resources to find racing tips and strategy. A definite read if you’ve never raced before.

Thanks for your interest! See you at the start line..

– Collins Bay Yacht Club