CBYC Does It Again!

In 2014 LOOR (Lake Ontario Offshore Racing) introduced a new race, the Lake Ontario 600 (LO600). This took the regular LO300 course, once around the lake, and doubled it. In that first running of the event Happy Puppy from CBYC took Line Honours (finished first).

The LO600 is held every other year and in 2016 Happy Puppy returned to again take Line Honours and this time also took first place on corrected time (time adjusted for PHRF handicap).

On Friday (July 20) Jeannie kept up the CBYC tradition taking Line Honours in the 2018 LO600. The boat behind had a PHRF of 87 to Jeannie’s 74 and after 6 days of racing that difference put them 1h 36min ahead; pushing Jeannie to second place.

Jeannie crosses the LO600 finish line, Friday, July 20, 07:36

Interested in racing this year?

Contact the Race Chair at if you are a CBYC member and interested in participating in races with your boat. We have 3 seasonal series and Long Distance races throughout the season. You can race with or without a spinnaker.

If you are interested in crewing on a CBYC boat go to the Crew Bank page and enter your contact details.